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  Diabetes Help Tauranga Youth Events


Fundraisers Needed

We are looking for businesses to help sponsor our events for youth activities.  If you have or you know of a business that would sponsor one of our events please contact us.  Costs generally range from $500 - $3,000.  The amount is entirely up to you.  Product sponsorship is also very welcome.  In the past we have had a charity auction for a showroom kitchen (on Trademe) which has helped fund the events.  The benefits of any fundraising goes directly back to our kids.   Email: info@diabeteshelp.org.nzwith ideas or contacts or opportunities which we can follow up.


P2P (Parent to Parent) Monthly Events

Parent 2 Parent (P2P)is a new intitiatve run by Diabetes Help Tauranga, starting August 2017 and supported by the BOP DHB Diabetes Service. We acknowledge that whilst parents are busy, sometimes there is a need to meet up with others living with diabetes and talk through issues, or just chat about life. As such, we have set aside one night a month when parents/caregivers are invited to listen to and chat with invited guest speakers, but more importantly spend time with each other.  We do not expect parents to attend each month but feel it is vital to offer this opportunity should it be needed. Diabetes Nurse Specialists will be on hand at each session. 

Venue/dates/time:  7pm, St Enochs' Church Hall, Sixteenth Ave, Tauranaga 9th Aug & 6th Sept 2016
                                 7pm, SwitchedOn Gym, 14 Hocking Street, Mount Maunganui,  11th October & 8th Nov 2017

9th August
- Les Simmons (Stand for Children) "Raising Teens" & Julianne O'Brien Medi'Ray discussing the new Freestyle Libre

6th Sept - Dr Barbara Bulkeley (Bethelehem Tertiary Institute) "Childhood Depression"
11th October - MArk Leydon (Waikato DHB Masters Sports nutrition) "Exercise, Diet and Pumps" 
8th Nov - TBC

Please note change of venues for Oct/Nov Meetings.  If you require more information about any of these events please feel free to contact our INFOline on 07 5713422