Diabetes Help Tauranga Inc.
            & Diabetes Help Tauranga Youth

Diabetes Help Tauranga, incorporating Diabetes Help Tauranga Youth, is a Registered Charity, working in the Western Bay of Plenty, providing culturally relevant and professional diabetes information, education and support for anyone with diabetes and their family and whanau.  

Our Vision is to 'Support Effective Self-Management of Diabetes.'

Our M
ission is to 'offer information, advice and support to anyone living with or affected by diabetes in the Western Bay of Plenty.'

Our Values include providing 'accessible and professional services by building supportive & effective relationships'.

Our Services:

nclude our INFOline (07 571 3422), free diabetes nurse educator clinics, support groups, parental support and youth/child events check out services for more details

You can find us at:

Diabetes Centre @ Graced
                         174 Eleventh Ave, (entry cnr Christopher St/Eleventh Ave)
                         Tauranga, 3110 

Address:       PO Box 15219, Tauranga 3144                                                                Diabetes Centre: Mon-Thursday, Drop-In 10-12 noon Monday's, 
   Appointments available at other times

                        INFOline:                                (07) 571 3422
                        TEXT:                                      027 883 0158 

                        General Admin:                     admin@diabeteshelp.org.nz 
                        Youth:                                     youth@diabeteshelp.org.nz
                        Manager:                                debbie@diabeteshelp.org.nz
                        Diabetes Nurse Educator:    debbie@diabeteshelp.org.nz
                      Community Health Worker:  info@diabeteshelp.org.nz

                        Website:                                 www.diabeteshelp.org.nz 
                       Face Book: Diabetes Help Tauranga & Diabetes Help Tauranga Youth  

Our Board:

Chair: Brian Pointon (chair@diabeteshelp.org.nz)
Director/Treasurer: John Tayor (treasurer@diabeteshelp.org.nz)
Board Members: Dr Sue Genner, Victoria Wicks-Brown, Sheila Ewart
Parent Rep: Jessica Freeston
Legal Advisor/Privacy Officer: Beverley Edwards

Our Team:

Manager/Diabetes Nurse Educator: Debbie Cunliffe (debbie@diabeteshelp.org.nz)
Community Health Worker:Tamara McIlwrick (info@diabeteshelp.org.nz)
Admin Volunteer: Pip Dargaville (admin@diabeteshelp.org.nz)
Designer: Leasa Thomas (newsletter@diabeteshelp.org.nz)

Other Contacts:
Clinical Reviewer: Brenda Newman RN

Parent Support Team: Lena Fendley, Jen Pratt, Jess Freeston (youth@diabeteshelp.org.nz)

T1 Adult Coffee & Chat Co-ordinator: Wendy Bowden

Type One Der Mums (Dads and Caregivers Welcome Too!) Co-ordinator: Jess Freeston and Lena Fendley

Tauranga and Mount Maunganui Support Group Co-ordinator: Nigel and Betty Kurzfield (07 575 4747)

Te Puke Support Group Co-ordinator: Glenys Body (07 573 7022)

How we do things:

Our aim is to provide safe & confidential services. Staff & volunteers complete training in: HIPC, Privacy and Confidentiality, Duty of Care, Health & Safety at Work, Vulnerable Children's Protection plus complete Police/Ministry of Justice checks (for those working with children or vulnerable adults). For more information read here

We practice as per the Health & Disability Code (1996), Privacy Act (1993) & the Health Practitioners Competency Act (2003). As per the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumer's Rights, we believe every consumer has the right to services provided with reasonable care and skill, in a manner that minimises harm and optimises quality of life, by providers that cooperate to ensure continuity of services. 

How to complain if you think we could improve how we do things:

Although we aim to provide the best services possible, we know we won't always get everything right.  To ensure that we take your concerns & complaints seriously, we have in place Policy & Procedures that guide our actions, should you have concerns.

We believe that handling complaints well demonstrates our commitment to our members, clients & other stakeholders and demonstrates our commitment to providing the best possible service helpin us to find out about things that have gone wrong so we can amend them. Appropriate handling also prevents things going wrong again. Find our
Complaints form here  If you would prefer to speak to someone regarding your complaint/concern, please ring 07 571 3422 and and ask to speak to our Manager.


Diabetes Help Tauranga Procedures and Policies:

  • Grievance and Disciplinary Policy here 
  • Constitution here. 
  • Confidentiality & Privacy Policy here.
  • Confidentiality Agreement here
  • 2016-2019 Strategic Plan here 
  • Health & Safety Policy here
  • Social Media Policy here
  • Sugar Sweetened Beverage Statement here
  • Vulnerable Child Policy here
  • Volunteer Board - Treasurer Job Description here
  • Volunteer Board Member - Job Description here
  • Volunteer Board - Chair Job Description  here
  • Health Information Privacy Code (1994) details here
  • Volunteer Job Description here
  • Board Induction Policy here
  • Nomination form for Board Roles here


Contact details of other New Zealand Independent Diabetes Societies can be found on our Useful Links page.