As a support organisation we are always endeavouring to reach widely into the communities we live in.  Occassionally we receive feedback from those we have had the opportunity to meet with and share our story or provide support.  Scroll down to read the feedback, and if you would like to add your own comments please email them to and we will be happy to add them to this page too.

February 2019
"I've learnt more about myself and my diabetes from visiting the Diabetes Centre @ Graced than any other healthcare professional. I highly recomend anyone with type one diabetes wanting to learn more about their diabetes visits the team at Graced." Louise aged 44, LADA.

I thought the 6 hour DESMOND program would be a bit long however I was so pleasantly surprised. Debbie & Danelle made the day fun, interesting very informative. We each gained extra knowledge about our own specific needs. It has given me the power to take control, feel better and have a life." 

 "I would thoroughly recommend the DESMOND program to anyone with type two diabetes who wants to be empowered, feel happier and healthier and be in control" Heather, Mt Maunganui August 2018

Dec 2018
"I was a bit uncertain about joining the DESMOND Program but I was pleasantly suprised. I've learned so much and am now off insulin and just taking Metformin." Claire aged 57 type two diabetes

February 2018

"I wish I'd attended a program like this earlier"  "DESMOND has the potential to change my life" These are a couple of comments we have received from particpants from our January DESMOND (Diabetes Education Self-Management for On-going and Newly Diagnosed) Program. For more information about DESMOND, contact us on 07 5713422

November 2017

Diabetes Help Tauranga has a very important role in supporting people with diabetes and providing education both group and one to one for those who are newly diagnosed or require ongoing training. Of particular value are the social/sporting events Diabetes Help Tauranga organises and part funds for youth with diabetes. These events can have a positive effect and help the young people see that there are others with the same condition and I understand friendships have been formed among both parents and youth.

I have found the organisation has been very helpful supporting many of the patients we see in secondary care on discharge from the hospital service. It is important for people diagnosed with a lifelong condition to have access to ongoing support and education and being given tools to self-manage.

 Thank you for the ongoing commitment and support you both provide.
Isabel Raiman, Nurse Practitioner – Diabetes and Related Conditions, Bay of Plenty District Health Board

Sept 2017

Thanks so much for you fabulous session with my students last week! You really are as fantastic as I build you up to be! Keep being so passionate and informative!
Hopefully you will still find time for us again next year!
Tracey Clissold, Toi Ohomai

August 2017
Thank you very much for your highly  informative talk to our Club yesterday. After you left there were many comments from members about how informative and well presented your address was and also about how enthusiastic and passionate you were about the topic and informing people about the risks from diabetes and how to manage or minimise the chances of getting particularly type 2 diabetes. 
For me personally it prompted me to ring my GP's practice nurse - for family history reasons I have been on 6 monthly blood tests but the results I have been shown have never included HbA1c results although my GP has told me that I am pre-diabetic. The practice nurse told me that my blood tests include HbA1c and that since 2009 they have all been either 40 or 41.
What I learnt from your talk has prompted me to focus on reducing that figure and I am looking forward to getting next month's blood test results given that over the last 6 months I have lost weight and undertaken considerably more physical exercise.  So thank you again , on behalf of the members , guests and personally for what we learnt from you yesterday.
Peter aged 65

July 2017
Your hard work is so worth it as I see DHT going from strength to strength. You seem to offer more support groups with each newsletter; you have grown your sponsors and you have a great Youth programme up and running. You should all take a bow!
Chris Baty (Ex President DNZ)

May 31st 2016 SanWell invited diabetes specialist Debbie Cunliffe to share her knowledge about diabetes with Sanford Tauranga staff.    I sat there in canteen amongst the staff in silent listening to Debbie talking and I was overwhelmed in the knowledge she has. However as she continued talking I mumbled under my breath umm I did not know that sugar and carbohydrates contribute to diabetes. Wow!! There’s a lot I don’t know about diabetes. 

My name is Rose Katene, I wanted to share my story. My husband Albert Tohiariki is a diabetic, We have been married for over 40 years and he has got diabetes ( type 2 ) I did not know anything about diabetes until this day, all I knew my husband is a type 2 diabetic don’t know anything more. After Debbie has spoken to the staff I approached her and got some information about Diabetes, I took home few brochures gave to my husband to read as I was excited to show him what I have learned.  

Before; when we did our shopping there’s always in our shopping list Chocolate and fizzy drinks and other high sugar product etc.. And now we have changed the way we shop, more healthier product no fizzy drinks. We drink water now. Not just my husband but the whole family.    I see the change in Albert he has lost lots of weight, Gain self-confidence and mood changes. He is a lot happier and more active. All we did was changed the way we shop, cooked, to healthier choices.  

In the past I use to suggest to Albert if we could go on a holiday, it was always a mission to convince him to come. But, now we are going on holiday and he is the one who’s counting how many days to go before our holiday. We are going on a cruise to the Pacific and I am looking forward to the trip as we are both in it.   I am looking at life now. Perhaps I have saved Albert 20 more years of his life with me.                                          

Rose Katene       

From MetlifeCare, Mt Maunganui 27th November 2015

Hi Debbie,

Thank you so much for your presentation yesterday.  The girls LOVED it.  They have been wanting a diabetes talk for ages so I am thrilled you were able to come and present.  You are such a wonderful presenter.  You keep it fun and lively.  I have attached the feedback form for your records.  I would love to have you back next year a couple of times.  When I get my calendar sorted for inservice, I will let you know dates and we will go from there.

Kind regards,

Delwyn Gates
Care Services Manager


We have been a proud sponsor to Diabetes Help Tauranga for the last couple of years.  Diabetes Help is an integral part of our community providing support for diabetic people with ongoing education, meetings and advice.  We work closely with their Diabetes Nurse/Field Worker, Debbie Cunliffe. Debbie is an enthusiastic ambassador who works tirelessly to provide Tauranga with a wealth of knowledge and service. We liaise together for meetings and presentations educating both diabetic people and the general public. Our aim is to assist people with Diabetes by involvement in studies looking at new medications to treat Diabetes. Our involvement with Diabetes Help allows people to become informed about our work and become involved in our work.  As a consequence we value our connection with Diabetes Help both in the past and the future.  Katie Kennett, RN Site Manager (March 2016)

  Thank you for the opportunity of commenting in support of Diabetes HELP Tauranga’s application for funding.  The Western Bay of Plenty Primary Health Organisation (WBOP PHO) have worked with and supported Diabetes HELP Tauranga for over 15 years, and in a number of capacities relating to their diabetes services in the Western Bay of Plenty (WBOP). More recently, with the provision of paid RN/Field Worker hours, we have extended our support to include peer support for the Field Worker and provision of room space to enable their monthly ‘drop-in centre.’  

The WBOP PHO runs an extensive diabetes self-management group programme, and Diabetes HELP Tauranga have proved to be a valuable asset in both governance of this group and in delivery of our programmes.   There are over 12000 people known to have diabetes in the BOP, and many more are at risk.  Diabetes HELP Tauranga underpins the work of local GP’s and Practice Nurses, by providing services such as support groups and telephone support lines that generally fall outside the current capacity of local diabetes services.  

The WBOP PHO therefore supports Diabetes HELP Tauranga’s request for funding to support their vision of assisting those with diabetes to ‘Live Life to the Full.’
P Jones 
Health & Wellness Services Leader WBOP PHO (April 2016)