Diabetes Nurse Educator 

Sharing knowledge – sharing responsibility for health – shared care

Our Diabetes Nurse Educator (DNE) is able to support anyone living with diabetes their whanau or friends and assist them to develop  knowledge, personal skills, self-efficacy (confidence), motivation & resources to manage health as optimally as possible.

For the Individual - Dealing with diabetes can be daunting, whether you are newly diagnosed or have been diagnosed for many years. Our nurse is able to support anyone living with diabetes to take control of their own health by understanding their diabetes & the challenges it brings. Ring our INFOline for details of our coaching program.

Clinics are available at Bongards, Greerton (07 578 2008) on the third Thursday of each month, Hairini Family Practice, 29a Hairini Street, Tuesdays by appointment only, and at the Community Health Centre in Te Puke on the 2nd Monday of each month.  All consultations are subject to our Confidentiality Policy and the New Zealand Health Care Practitioner (2003) Act.  Home visits are available by arrangement.

Supporting Local GP's & Practice Nurses - Our Community Support Team is able to provide GPs and Specialist Diabetes Services with 'wrap around' diabetes support for adults and children.   Email Debbie@diabeteshelp.org.nz for a referral form and for more information regarding how we can support your clients

As an advocate - Some people find it difficult to voice opinions, decisions or issues that affect their lives.  Our DNE is available as an advocate to help people access information, explore & understand their options, & to make their views & wishes known.  Diabetes Help Tauranga is able to represent people with diabetes & work closely with local healthcare providers to raise awareness & advocate for better services. 

Special support/education - Working within a health literacy framework, our DNE is able to assist those with learning disabilities, physical or sensory impairments, seriously ill, mental illness including dementia, aged (over 65), children (under 18), in institutions to include hospitals, care homes, prisons etc, or those with English as a second language.

Note: We acknowledge that the best person to make decisions about changes to medication etc is your healthcare provider, usually your GP.  As such, should any medication titrations be required you will be advised to contact your usual Healthcare provider or,  with your written permission, we can contact them on your behalf.

Contact our INFOline on (07) 571 3422 or email debbie@diabeteshelp,org.nz for free confidential support & advice. 

Call our INFOline on (07) 571 3422