Information for GP's, Practice Nurses & other Healthcare Providers

Thanks to the financial support of local businesses & Trusts we are able to provide a Community Support Service to underpin the work of local GP's & Practice Nurses.  We offer professional, relevant, evidence based diabetes education and support in the community.

Referrals are available for:      
 1. Diabetes Nurse Educator (DNE)/Community Health Worker
 2. Youth Mentors

Please download a copy of our referral form here.  Please ensure you have permission from your client first.  Referrals are usually triaged within 5 working days. If you require a PDF referral form then email:

Newly Diagnosed Families with Children/Youth with Type One Diabetes - We have a dedicated team of parental volunteers (Parent Response Team - PRT) able to support your clients with newly diagnosed type one. Parents are available to give emotional/social support and offer practical advice. All DHT Volunteers are subject to induction training and police clearance. 

Freestyle Libre Trial - contact us for details 

All referrals remain confidential; we aim to report back to referrers within 7-10 working days however, reporting back is subject to client permission. Confidentiaity is invalid should the client be at risk of harm, harm to others or at risk of harm from others. 

Complaints: Diabetes Help Tauranga is subject to the Privacy Act (1993), Health Information Privacy Code (1994), Health and Disability Services Code of Consumer Rights (1996) and the Health Care Practitioners Act (2003). If you have any questions or concerns about our services please contact

Please note: We do not provide specific clinical advice ie titrating medication etc.  Should such issues arise, clients will be re-directed back to ther GP or we will contact you on their behalf. 

Our INFOLine (07) 571 3422 is available for diabetes support during office hours & answered on a regular basis outside these hours